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The ever changing face of technology

posted Feb 8, 2014, 7:19 PM by Daryl du Plessis
There have been some new announcements in technology recently. Two new 
versions of the iPhone have arrived. The iPhone 5c (for colour I presume) comes in a range of plastic coated colours and the iPhone 5s (I'm putting that down to s for Style) has some additional features (fingerprint reader) and is higher priced. As is customary Apple have also released iOS7 in tandem with these new products, and have added more functionality to their software platform. I think they are realising that competing with the Android phone requires them to provide more than one form factor for the iPhone. That was the reason I moved to Android, there was a much better choice of handsets to suit my needs.  I don't think Apple will be able to compete with the range of Android phones available, unless they license their iOS to other manufacturers, and I don't see this happening too soon.

In the Microsoft world, long standing CEO Steve Ballmer is stepping down (he took over from Bill Gates many years ago and has been involved with Microsoft from the early days). I like to think this is Karma for releasing Windows 8 without a start button. Speaking of, Windows 8.1 is due for release this month and yes, they have put the Start button back, but don't get too excited as it just open up the Windows 8 start screen. So it looks like we will just have to get used to things the way they are. That's progress I guess.